gebioMized Bike Fitting

In our gebioMized concept labs, we turn you and your bike into a perfect unit! Using video recording and pressure measurement, we carry out a dynamic analysis on your bike. Of course, we take into account your physical requirements and your athletic goals.

Whether road bike, mountainbike or triathlon bike - we offer the right bike fit for you and your goals! If you are a triathlete or a time trialist, we have an extra fitting package on offer, as this discipline is particularly complex. In the following you can choose your fitting package. We will be happy to cater to your individual wishes after consultation. Just contact us!

Our Technology

We work with saddle and foot pressure measuring tools, as well as modern video analysis. In addition to that, we test your mobility with some flexibility tests.

With the help of our saddle pressure measurement, we find out how we can improve your saddle position or if in doubt, we will find the right alternative saddle for you. In the video analysis, we take a close look at your body angles to optimize your seat height, set back and seat length. Furthermore, we have stems, handlebars, saddles and other components ready for you to change.

The foot pressure measurement helps us - besides to the right selection of a cycling shoe - to optimize your power transfer to the pedal, so that knee pain or numb feet are part of the past. In addition to that, we examine the potential of an insole for your feet to improve the power transfer, increase stability and maximize comfort in the shoe.


Which discipline are you interested in?

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