meaning and purpose of a custom insole

The foot/shoe/pedal contact point is primarily responsible for power transmission and therefore for the propulsion of the entire bike. It therefore makes sense, both in terms of performance and comfort, to optimise the position of the foot. However, as every foot is different, standard cycling shoes can only support the foot to a limited extent. Who hasn't experienced typical complaints such as burning feet or numb toes, which are mainly caused by punctual overloading (due to the clipless pedals).

gebioMized Custom Einlagen
gebioMized Druckmessung

Pressure mapping

Individual pressure measurements in the cycling shoe show the specific overload points in the dynamics. These can be analysed and relieved by making a customised gebioMized insole.

The insole ensures better pressure distribution and optimises power transmission to the pedal. Asymmetries between right and left can also be minimised. This increases overall performance and significantly reduces foot complaints.


The customised gebioMized insoles are suitable for every type of cycling shoe and pedal. The design is based on measurements taken dynamically on your own bike. In addition to the hardness of the insole, you also choose the upper material to suit your individual needs.

The measurement of your feet and cycling shoes takes about 45 minutes and the customised insole costs €279 (incl. foot pressure measurement).

gebioMized Einlagen Konstruktion
gebioMized Custom Sättel

Final Product

This procedure can relieve the maximum pressure points by up to 40% and correct asymmetries or incorrect posture.

The success is not only clearly noticeable on the next ride, but is also visible through a control measurement on delivery.