When Comfort gets Aero

We heard you! Even during the first test rides of our Sleak and Area saddles, athletes kept asking one question: "Do you also have a triathlon saddle?" The gebioMized Stride is not only our answer to this question, but also to the main problems of triathletes and time trialists - especially when it comes to the really long races - and of course the training for them.

The Stride was not only developed to minimise the unpopular "shifting", i.e. the continuous sliding forwards and then actively sitting back again. Thanks to its special shape, it also enables two different seating positions with the same adjustment. Long-distance triathletes in particular know how valuable this feature can be. And because we know that different athletes feel different levels of pressure, the Stride is available in two degrees of firmness.

STRIDE Measurement
STRIDE Mid load

Loading types

Thanks to its special shape, the gebioMized Stride allows the athlete two different seating positions with the same setup: the slightly more upright power position (pictured left) with more stability and comfort, and the more aerodynamic position further forward, with a reduced frontal area and minimal air resistance.

STRIDE Front load
STRIDE schräg

Saddle shape

The golden mean of a large contact surface for more comfort and plenty of legroom for more aerodynamics: we have found it with the gebioMized Stride. The saddle is quite narrow in the centre, allowing the pelvis to rotate forwards and at the same time reducing the unloved saddle shifts. Even in the aerodynamically optimised position, the rider sits slightly further back, which means a larger contact surface and greater comfort.


One shape, two hardnesses to choose from: From our tests in the lab and on the road, we know that a surprising number of triathletes need a saddle with a very similar basic shape. But different athletes also feel different pressures. This is precisely why we offer the gebioMized Stride in two different degrees of firmness: the Stride N in the neutral standard firmness and the Stride S in the slightly softer soft version.

STRIDE Density

Im Detail


  • Shell
    Composition of
    Carbon and Nylon
  • Foam
    Super-light foam
    pressure optimized density
  • Rails
    Titanium struts with improved damping


  • Stride N + S
    245 x 130 mm


  • Stride N + S
    from about 260 g