SLEAK 135 Channel


The way to top performance on the bike is via the saddle. More precisely, via the gebioMised Sleak. Our model, designed primarily for those who prefer a rather flat saddle, has quickly made some "strong" friends in the peloton.

The Sleak comes in two different basic shapes for different seat types. And even if we developed this saddle specifically with the male anatomy in mind, it has already convinced many a female cyclist with a rather narrow pelvis. After all, the search for the perfectly fitting saddle is a very individual matter, and our experienced bike fitters will support you with advice and action.

Sleak MTB
AREA 145 Channel


Regardless of whether it is a long cycling marathon or just a nice evening lap: cyclists with high demands on comfort are in the right place in the gebioMized Area. With its slightly curved design, it is the first choice for particularly agile athletes who prefer a slightly larger surface.

As well as it’s “sleaker” brother, Area also comes in two specific shapes for different loading types. Typically, this saddle is pretty popular amongst female riders. But we got word from many renowned bike fitters around the world, that they keep finding male cyclists who are feeling more comfortable on the Area. At the end your personal comfort is key.

AREA Cut-out

Loading types

Personal anatomy and riding position define the contact between saddle and cyclist. Thus, riders who predominantly stress the ischial area (picture left) load the saddle differently than those who ride with the load mainly on the pubic area. Accordingly, different sitting types place special demands on their saddles. Requirements that we fulfil with our gebioMized saddle shapes.



We know from our passion for biomechanics that there is not one saddle for all riders. That’s why we offer our models in two shapes, each optimized for the most common sitting types: The slightly tapered V-Shape version (left picture) is particularly suitable for athletes who ride with the load mainly on the pubic area, while the T-Shape version is optimized for riders who predominantly stress the ischial area.



In addition to anatomy and riding position, personal pressure sensitivity also varies from athlete to athlete. That’s why our saddles are available in two versions: either with a continuous pressure relief channel as a choice for all those who prefer more contact area. Or as an option with a cut-out, which offers pressure-sensitive riders complete relief in the middle of the saddle.


Im Detail


  • Shell
    Composition of
    Carbon and Nylon
  • Foam
    Super-light foam
    pressure optimized density
  • Rails


  • Sleak
    250 x 135 mm (T-Shape)
    250 x 145 mm (V-Shape)
  • Area
    245 x 145 mm (V-Shape)
    245 x 155 mm (T-Shape)


  • Sleak
    about 210 g
  • Area
    about 220 g